About me

Hello, I'm Fernando van Loenhout , and I'm a backend developer. I like to program using object oriented languages, like Java. When I program, I try to keep my code clear and structured, for easier changes when I revisit the projects.

Country Netherlands
Gender Male

Online presence

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  1. Vocational school: ID College -

    This was a study on the course Application Developer 4

  2. Stage: autoboekjes.nl -

    In this stage, I helped with managing the existing system, and helped fixing bugs in the existing systems.

  3. Vocational school: Albeda College -

    This was a study on the course System Administrator 3

  4. Stage: Rich IT Solutions -

    In this stage, we had a project to give lessons to people who were inexpierenced with computers. This was a great learning expierence for me.

  5. Stage: MKB-Expert -

    In this stage, I was asked to help the company with support line calls (from companies we gave support to), and help those companies if there were problems.

  6. High school: Pleysier Westerbeek College -

    This was my first high school, here I got a diploma for VMBO.