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Enderstone Server Software


Enderstone is a project started by BigTeddy98 (Sander) and Ferrybig (Fernando). We are making an open-source Minecraft server with a custom API, without using any Mojang Minecraft Server code.

The project is currently using protocol version 47, which means that only Minecraft 1.8 clients will be able to connect.


The project is currently licensed under the GNU General Public License. The text version of the license can be found in the LICENSE.txt file. The license means you are allowed to use it, change it, improve it and publish it. You are not allowed to change the names of copyright owners in the license headers, neither are you allowed to remove the license headers. For a total explanation of what is allowed and what isn't, please check the LICENSE.txt file.

GNU General Public License online:


The 6 classes in the org.enderstone.server.regions.generators.util package are made by Bukkit. These classes are licensed under the same license as the Enderstone project, the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The only changes we made to these classes are the package names. The credits of course still go to the Bukkit team, as specified in the header of the class.

We use the JNBT library to read and write our NBT data. When you use source located in the org.jnbt package, you accept the license of JNBT, which can be found in the JNBT_LICENSE.TXT file. All credits of the JNBT library (located in the org.jnbt package) go to them.


The Enderstone server software uses the Minecraft protocol to make it able for Minecraft clients to connect. This means you are NOT able to evade the Minecraft EULA by using Enderstone. By running this, or any modified version of our project, you accept the Minecraft EULA, which can be found here: