Minecraft Java

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This Minecraft Mapper creates a top overview from your Minecraft world, it has the ability to render a map from a stream of files like a direct download to the map download files, and it can output the map files as a single file only, this is perfect to share the overview, without requiring the reccieving party to download many files.

Command options

Required command line options:

  • -i <directory> Directory containing your world
  • -o <directory> Output render directory

Optional command line parameters

  • -t <file> Path to a texture pack to use when rendering the world
  • -m <directory> Path to Minecraft directory, in case the automatic texture pack detection fails


When the renderer returns, you get an output directory, containing the following files:

└── DIM0
    ├── 1
    ├── 10
    ├── 11
    ├── 12
    ├── 13
    ├── 14
    ├── 2
    ├── 3
    ├── 4
    ├── 5
    ├── 6
    ├── 7
    ├── 8
    └── 9

This folder contains all the image files for the differend zoom levels, from 1 block = 16 pixels at zoom level 14, to 1 block = 0.001953125 pixels at the fartest away zoom level of 1.

Zoomlevel -- 1 block is ... pixels
1            0.001953125
6            0.0625
7            0.125
8            0.25
9            0.5
10           1
11           2
12           4
13           8
14           16


At the moment, this renderer caches rendered worlds, this allows it to deal efficiently when updating an existing render, or when resuming an aborted render. This has been tested on a Minecraft world consisting of over 2000 region files, and over 5 GB in size. At the moment, this feature cannot be disabled


Since this software uses Maven, you can quickly create a build for it to run it, either build it from your favorite IDE, or run:

mvn install


Simple renders:

java -jar "target\Minecraft-Overview-Mapper-1.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar" -i .minecraft/saves/TestWorld -o .minecraft/render/TestWorld

Renders the world using the latest minecraft version it can detect, or it errors out when no version could be detected

java -jar "target\Minecraft-Overview-Mapper-1.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar" -i .minecraft/saves/TestWorld -o .minecraft/render/TestWorld -t .minecraft\versions\1.13.2\1.13.2.jar

Renders the world using the minecraft jar as its texture pack

Render output

Its always good to see the output before running code, example render output:



  • Implement rendering for 1.12 chunks and lower