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Alerts of suspicious new posts on Stack Exchange, as well as of spam reports in chat.

Note: This is a historic repository of code whose canonical repository is now at

Adds a spam tracker to Stack Exchange chat rooms. Its switch is in the footer:

spamtracker: off | help | faq | legal | ... 

When the tracker is on, the sidebar of the chat room will display new posts that possibly merit attention. You can:

  • click on the title to open the post in another window, or
  • click on post summary to dismiss the report, or
  • click "Clear" button on top to dismiss all reports

Additionally, desktop notifications are shown based on the above posts and on reports of bad posts in chat (in particular, by the Smoke Detector in The Tavern). You can:

  • click "False Report" to dismiss it as such, or
  • click "Go to Room" to go to the tab with the chat room, or
  • click elsewhere on the notification to open the post in a new window.

License: WTFPL